Bylaws have to reviewed and submitted every 3 years with or without revisions.

Your unit’s general membership must vote to approve the bylaws even if no revisions are made. Additionally, bylaws have to be reviewed if an amendment is necessary.

Bylaws should be uploaded into your unit’s GiveBacks account. If you can’t access your account, please contact Free State PTA at

When submitting/uploading bylaws for review, include the entire original completed bylaws form and the minutes from the general membership meeting when they were approved.



For bylaws assistance, contact

The local unit bylaws template is here:

Bylaws should uploaded into GiveBacks.

PTAs must update their bylaws every 3 years to remain in good standing.

The renewal date appears on the cover of all currently-in-force, approved bylaws and varies by PTA.

The Free State PTA establishes and approves all local bylaws.

Bylaws are the “playbook” of your PTA, and they establish important aspects about how your PTA functions. It is important for PTAs to be run according to their bylaws to be transparent and accountable to members.  Bylaws explain process and procedures, including the minimum number of general membership meetings your PTA is required to schedule each year, how many members constitute a quorum, and the election process for your PTA. Reviewing them every three years ensures the Free State PTA that local PTA leaders are running the organization with the approval of the general membership, and the officers and members are familiar with the rules and organizational requirements and processes they contain.