The Multilingual Community Partnership (MLCP) is a sub-committee of the Family, School, and Community Partnerships Committee, Chair Ramona Basilio ( It is a community-based advocacy/outreach team.

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A major MLCP initiative is garnering support for the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy.  Read about it here.

Multilingual Community Partnership: Mission and Goals

Mission Statement: The Multilingual Community Partnership’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering multilingual families and communities to advocate for all children. This is the PTA mission.

Goals and Key Actions

Enhance and support the positive, inclusive, and welcoming environment at MLCP

  • Offer engagement opportunities that promote cross-cultural communication.
  • Align all communication methods through a multilingual approach.

Build a strong and supportive community

  • Engage parents and students in activities relevant to families, faculty, community, and partners.
  • Organize at least two MLCP school-community events (including virtual, outside).
  • Provide parent volunteer support to MLCP teachers, staff and programs.
  • Support enhanced communication between teachers and parents (Delegates).
  • Enhance volunteer experiences to make sure the Parent Academy Engagement Program Delegates are empowered and appreciated.
  • Support MLCP through fundraising activities as appropriate.
  • Establish and maintain strong partnerships with school staff, students, organizations, along with the greater community.

Communicate with members

  • Maintain MLCP website that provides a central location for MLCP-related information and activities.
  • Send updates via email, monthly at minimum.
  • Keep parents informed on legislation and district-wide issues that affect our schools and communities.
  • Leverage social media as part of our communication and community networking plan and for gathering feedback.

Engage our children

  • Support those students who have the extra responsibility/pressures of serving as communicators for families by advocating for community support for and access to translation services and offering a student support network.
  • Engage students in shared-decision making.
  • Serve as voting members of the MLCP.
  • Establish networks of students to address common issues faced by ML students.
  • Host a student summit that supports and develops student leaders of the MLCP.

Provide Parent Education opportunities with particular emphasis on middle school and high school issues

  • Support Parent Education speakers at District level.
  • Communicate district-wide “Parent Ed” opportunities to our community.
  • Produce programs and events, and collaborate with other education stakeholders, to support the whole child.

Support the mission of the MLCP

  • Grow the % of MLCP community that are members by 5 percentage points over prior year.
  • Meet training requirements for MLCP leadership/Delegates.
  • Adhere to “Best Practices” as defined by the MLCP.

Take action in response to community feedback

  • Reach out to the community throughout the year for feedback on events and activities.
  • Complete an end-of-year survey to guide plans for the next year.
  • MLCP strives to expand educational opportunities and enhance the social and community environment , through programs, volunteers, advocacy, and financial support, benefitting all  students, families, and community.