Family, School and Community Partnerships Committee

Chair, Ramona Basilio,

We have a lot planned for the 2022-23 school year, including two exciting family-school collaboration opportunities to build on BCPS-PTA initiatives underway:

PTA Parent Liaison Teams (West Zone Pilot Project): 

We’re looking for parents, guardians, and caregivers to create a network of “community builders” in elementary and secondary schools in the West Zone.  Parent Liaison volunteers will connect parents with services, resources, training, and joint programs offered by local units and community partners. Consider naming a Parent Liaison! This person will be supported by our FSCP Committee Chair.

ESOL-PTA Student Bridge Project Taskforce (Spring Kickoff):

This taskforce between the PTA Council, PTA units, ESOL Welcome Centers, and ESOL area schools will work on the Bridge Project, an extension program to connect ESOL/EL students and their communities when transitioning to their home schools. The project will feature after-school “homework helpers,” enrichment activities, and networking opportunities for parents and caregivers.

For more on how your unit can get involved, email

From National PTA:  PTAs Leading the Way in Transformative Family Engagement

PTAs and Transformative Family Engagement

The 4 Guiding Principles of Transformative Family Engagement

Use these 4 I’s to amplify your reach and ensure every child’s potential becomes a reality:

  • Inclusive family engagement embraces and values
    diverse perspectives.
  • Individualized family engagement meets the unique
    needs of every family and child.
  • Integrated family engagement connects and align with
    the educational system.
  • Impactful family engagement empowers families to
    support their child’s success