Nominating Committee – Join Us!

Our Nominating Committee is always seeking talented people to fill various board and committee positions. Contact President Leslie Weber at if you’d like to serve.

Does your unit have a Nominating Committee?  It’s one of the most important committees on your board!

Here’s important information shared from the PTA Council of Howard County:

PTA Council of Howard County » Nomination/Elections (

A nominating committee seeks qualified nominees for the PTA’s elected leadership. Committee members need a broad acquaintance with the membership and an understanding of the organization’s functions and purpose.

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Nominating Committee Calendar

August or September: Hold committee chair introduction meeting with PTA President

January: Recruit Nominating Committee

February: Establish Nominating Committee; have planning meeting

March/April: Determine which committee chairs will be returning for the following school year.  Seek volunteers to fill open committee chair and executive board positions.

April/May: Election at Spring General Meeting; submit new executive board contact information to PTA Council of Baltimore County (