Support for Locals

If your PTA/PTSA needs assistance meeting the Free State PTA Standards of Affiliation (SoA) requirements, please email

See the UNIT COMPLIANCE tab on the homepage of this website for details on how to handle all SoA!

The Basics

FINANCIAL REVIEW: Every PTA must conduct an annual financial review for its financial year and send a copy to Free State PTA via GiveBacks. Refer to Free State’s Financial Guide for financial review report format and sample report.

IRS 990: Every PTA is required to file annually by November 15th. If annual gross income was $50,000 or less you can e-file the 990 e-postcard (IRS 990N). Provide a copy of 990 filing to Free State PTA via GiveBacks. 

INSURANCE: Every PTA is required to have insurance coverage through AIM Insurance. Enrollment forms are sent to all PTAs. Contact AIM for help at Current coverage ends on 6/30.

BYLAWS: Need to be reviewed at least every 3 years and submitted to Free State for approval via GiveBacks. 

INCORPORATION: Every PTA must be incorporated in the state of Maryland. To maintain your incorporation status, a Personal Property Report must be filed by April 15th each year whether or not your PTA/PTSA owns any property. This is CRUCIAL to remain an ACTIVE PTA/corporation and only takes minutes to file online. Check your status and file your report on the Taxation and Assessment website at

Eight Standards of Affiliation (SoA) requirements are mandated, recorded, and tracked by Free State PTA which must be fulfilled to maintain the good standing of each local PT(S)A.

The Free State PTA SoA List is here:

The Free State PTA SoA Checklist is here:

Most standards are handled via GiveBacks (copy of financial review, copy of IRS 990, submitting bylaws, proof of insurance, officer contact information). It’s recommended that you pay National PTA/Free State PTA dues via GiveBacks, but you can also pay by check and use the form on the Free State PTA website. More details are in our Membership section.

Local PTA presidents should work closely with their treasurers and other board of directors members to complete them in a timely manner every year.  PTA Council is required to fulfill those requirements too.

Good standing is vital.  It preserves the non-profit 501(c)3 status of each PT(S)A–which enables us to raise money without paying income taxes and to accept charitable donations–and is a prerequisite for participation in Reflections, the receipt of Free State PTA awards, and the privilege of voting at the Free State PTA Summer Convention.


2) IRS 990