Hosting a PTA Event at Your School?

Refer to the Insurance Summary and Loss Prevention Guide sent to all insured PTAs.

Red Light:                   PROHIBITED

Yellow Light:             CAUTIONARY (certain conditions must be met, contact insurance broker in advance)

Green Light:              APPROVED


Event Manager – Use of BCPS Facilities

CROWD MANAGEMENT TRAINING (This 2-hour session costs $20 and is a valid PTA expense.)

Insurance: A Standards of Continuing Affiliation Requirement

Free State PTA requires each local PTA to have general liability and bonding insurance as well as directors and officers insurance and has inserted language to that effect in to the PTA bylaws. Your unit’s policy only covers PTA members while doing activities for the PTA. It is critical that outside vendors/concessionaires/service providers have their own insurance to reduce the possibility the PTA unit will be held liable for the activity. PTAs are required to obtain a Hold Harmless Agreement and Evidence of Insurance from each vendor/concessionaire/service provider that is used.

Insurance must be obtained through Free State PTA and its authorized provider:

AIM (Association Insurance Management, Inc.):

For assistance, contact or call


AIM Parent Teacher Group Insurance Program’s Description of Coverages (pdf)

AIM Description of Coverages

The annual premium currently is $226 for each local PTA; please be sure to budget this amount for the insurance payment. Refer to Free State PTA’s website’s Insurance section (coming soon) for more information. An insurance summary and certificate of insurance will be issued to each insured PTA. Policy year is July 1 to June 30 of each calendar year.

DEADLINE: Invoices and statements are mailed to local PT(S)A units in May; payment is due by July 1. Please include a late payment fee of $25 if payment is made after July.