Meetings (including Virtual) and Minutes


There are three types of meetings:  General Membership, Board of Directors, Executive Committee

All meetings are open to everyone, but participation and voting are restricted:

General: defined by bylaws ~ Board: majority ~ Committee: majority

Quorum is the number of members required to be present to conduct business:

General: defined by bylaws ~ Board: majority ~ Committee: majority


(created to handle meetings and elections during the COVID-19 emergency)

Virtual Meeting Guidelines for PTAs in Maryland (Revised April 2021)


Minutes are never destroyed.  Minutes are recorded by the Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary, the presiding officer appoints someone to record the minutes.

Minutes begin with the Name of the Organization, type of meeting, date, and place.  You may record the names of all present, but it’s not required.

Statement:  Meeting called to order (at time) by (presiding officer) a quorum being present.

Minutes of the previous meeting (same type of meeting, i.e. board or general membership) are presented and approved or approved following corrections.

Treasurer’s report presented and filed for audit (never approved).

Other Officer Reports

Committee Reports:  Brief summary of work and copy may be attached to the minutes.  Committee work not done at the meeting.

Unfinished Business:  Follow-up of anything carried over from the last meeting.

New Business:  Only need to record motions.  (Name) moved to ________.  (Good to use motion slips to ensure exact wording.)  Motion seconded (do not need to record name).  No second is required if motion comes from a committee.  Do not record what everyone says.  Discussion followed is sufficient.  Vote on motion is recorded.  Motion passed or Motion failed.

PTA Council Blank Motion Form

Announcements:  Future events, etc.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at (time).

Signature:  Person who recorded the minutes.  Respectfully submitted is passé.