Local Leader’s Annual Calendar


  • Prepare and make bank deposits daily
  • Remit FSPTA and NPTA dues monthly
  • Balance checkbook, bank statement signed by President, Treasurer, and one other non-signatory board member


  • Prepare final financial report; conduct financial review of previous year’s books for presentation at first general meeting
  • Treasurer transition; complete signature cards at bank
  • Set goals for the coming year
  • Add or adjust committees based on your goals
  • Elect Standing Committees per local unit bylaws
  • Prepare budget to present to general membership at first general meeting
  • Set general meeting schedule for year to be presented at first general meeting
  • Review National PTA Back-to-School Kit (www.ptakit.org)
  • Send officer contact info to PTA Council (directory@bcptacouncil.org) and FSPTA (soa@fspta.org)

July 1:

  • Liability, Bonding, and Directors and Officers’ Insurance must be paid to company designated by FSPTA by JULY 1


  • Start membership campaign; consider using GiveBacks

August/September, First Board Meeting of the Year:

  • Approve committee plans of work

September, First General Meeting of the Year:

  • Conduct general membership meeting and approve budget at this meeting
  • Accept financial review report and send to FSPTA by OCTOBER 30
  • Announce general meeting schedule and board meeting schedule for year


  • Pay PTA Council dues by OCTOBER 1
  • Send copy of financial review report to FSPTA by OCTOBER 30

November 15:

  • File IRS 990N (total income less than $50,000), 990EZ or 990 for fiscal year 7/1- 6/30; send copy to FSPTA by DECEMBER 15

December 30:

  • File Annual Update of Registration Form for MD Charitable Organizations by DECEMBER 30; send copy to FSPTA by JANUARY 30

2 Months Prior To Election of Officers:

  • Select Nominating Committee following instructions in bylaws; elections held at general meeting as listed in bylaws

March 31:

  • Cut-off for FSPTA Convention credentials; number credentialed from local unit based on members paid by March 31

April 15:

  • File Maryland Personal Property Return by APRIL 15; send copy to FSPTA by MAY 15


  • Check budget and make any amendments necessary


  • Prepare books for financial review.
  • Pay liability, Bonding and Directors and Officers Insurance due July 1