Personal Property Report

Even though your unit likely owns no personal property, you must submit (online form) a Maryland Personal Property Report every year to remain a corporation in “good standing” with the state. This report is due on April 15.

Filing this report is one of your unit’s Standards of Affiliation (SoA). You need to file to make sure the state knows your unit/corporation is still in operation.

~ The Annual Report must be filed by all PTAs. [NOTE: The Annual Report form does not solicit income information and must be filed regardless of income.]

~ The Personal Property Tax return must be filed only by those PTAs, if any, that actually own personal property.

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Email: for questions regarding Personal Property Tax Return

The simplest and easiest method to file both the Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return is through Maryland Business Express (MBE). As you answer the prompts in filing the Annual Report electronically, MBE will automatically identify whether a Personal Property Tax Return is required. MOST UNITS only need to file the Annual Report, not the tax return.

All business entities formed, qualified, or registered to do business in Maryland MUST file an Annual Report.

If they answer ‘Yes’ to either of the questions below, they must also file a Personal Property Tax Return. If this applies to your business entity, please file both the Annual Report and Business Personal Property Return together.

  • Does the business own, lease, or use personal property located in Maryland?
  • Does the business maintain a trader’s license with a local unit of government in Maryland?

To file electronically, go to Maryland Business Express at

You’ll need to register the first time you visit, but the process is quick and easy.

In the red box on the left, you’ll find a link to file your report:

Please go HERE to file your Annual Report.  A 2-month extension request for filing the Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return may be filed here.

All PTAs are “Domestic Non-Stock Corporations.”

Once you’ve filed for your unit online, the SDAT’s online filing system allows you to pull up that information as your starting point the next year. You also can print copies of filings or save them as pdfs, which is highly advisable, even though it’s easy to confirm filing and access the information included in the report at any time using that feature of SDAT’s website.

Please forward a copy to Free State PTA at or upload into GiveBacks.

*In accordance with Maryland PTA bylaws, all local PTA units are required to be incorporated, meaning that, at a minimum, an Annual Report must be filed with SDAT annually (by April 15, unless you have obtained an extension). Failure to file can result in financial penalties and loss of corporate status. If your find your PTA’s charter has been forfeited, please contact Free State PTA or PTA Council for help reviving your unit. If you’d like to check on the status of your PTA, you can do that using the Entity Search feature of Maryland Business Express: .

QUESTIONS?: Please contact John Ryan, Treasurer (410-665-4450 or e-mail